Ploski Piston

Well, not so much Polski as much Polish; as in polished.

I pulled my kstar the other day to install my new MK, and the piston was good and messy/carbonized, so I cleaned it up on the lathe with a little steel wool, and couldn't help but throw some Mothers' polish on it and give it a shine.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried giving their piston a high shine and whether it might help not only resist carbon build up, but also increase performance by reducing airflow through the system.

Discuss :)

Re: Ploski Piston

polished piston crowns is controversial in certain forums because:

1.Imperfections in the surface of the piston and cylinder head become red-hot after extended use and thus become ignition points, causing detonation. Ergo, Piston polishing = good

2.The piston specifically benefits from the machined face in that the textured surface helps retain a thin layer of fuel mixture, assisting cooling the piston and increasing engine/piston longevity. Ergo, piston polishing = bad

Re: Ploski Piston

back in the day they used to beadblast the tops of two stroke pistons to cut down on turbulence. they would also polish the heads for a more uniform burn (apparently).

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