varator or spring issues?

my peugeot 103 is pretty quick, not mega blaster quick but 40-43mph quick. however once i hit a hill it slows way down and frankly it feels like something is wrong, when non variated bikes blow by me while im going 18mph uphill.

the factors:

running 32/1 for break in

clutch running 3 balls

15mm intake

15.15 del SHA 78 jet (stock mesh filter for now)

nice tight toothed belt

airsal 70cc

treats big port cases

polini top one pipe

i have a 4 petal reed block i haven't put on yet i was waiting till the kit was fully broken in.

i feel like im not hitting the true powerband of my pipe either. would the polini spring help this situation? i feel like my bike variates immediately. what shoul di be looking for in terms of proper variation?

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