Kickin Magnum

Traded my bone stock puch maxi for someones magnum. Wasnt running when purchased but, there are some serious goodies sunk into it. Such as:

80 cc kit

Proma exhaust

three shoe performance clutch

24 mm Mikuni Carb

Some bogus intake that he fabricated

Handle bars (that were put on backwords..)

Last but not least, Kick Start E50

The parts that he listed on it when wanting to trade gave me a chubby.

And now the downfall- He didnt break in the cylinder right and started to score cylinder walls, after using some sandpaper and steel wool i got them out ( normally i would have NEVER done this but i figured it was worth a try cause itd have to trash the cylinder and piston anyways..) His entire eletrical system is wrapped in duct tape. The intake system used is an exhaust pipe cut and bolted onto intake port.

How should I hook up that size carb to an engine this size (ive loaded pictures of hot it came) If i should keep this how can i better match the two port sizes. Because the exhuast that he chopped up to use as an intake manifold is huge and actually doesnt even make a seal with the intake port. What he did was us a piece of sheet metal as a step down with the exhaust gasket from the pipe used, and a paper gasket on the engine size.

What size jet should be used in this type of carb?

Im rebuilding the bottom end. Can i use the stock crank shaft or is there going to be too much torque on it?

What should be done for foot rests seeing how pedals are no longer needed?

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

This Ped is not for parting out.

Re: Kickin Magnum

also any idea what kind of cylinder that is?

Re: Kickin Magnum

If thats a 80cc you wanna check the case and see what kinda bore job he did. As far as jetting your just gonna have to figure that through trial and error. Just stick a monster jet on there and go down till it stops 4 stroking. Then do a plug chop and if its not lean your gold.

Re: Kickin Magnum

thats no 80cc. looks like a 70cc.

Re: Kickin Magnum

BootyClap Ninja /

you got played son.

Re: Kickin Magnum

shoulda given him cash instead of a perfectly good ped for him to trash.

Re: Kickin Magnum

thats a great trade.. nice magnum. Pull out all the wiring, and hardwire it. Its probably a good idea to replace the crank, although I've hit 11k rpms on my stock crank with no probs. The brass bushing cranks are volatile at high rpms, your crank will go out on you sooner or later. So if you have the means, replace crank, and while you are at it, spend 30 bucks on new bearings and seals, and rebuild your motor.

Re: Kickin Magnum

thank ya dan! My buddy and I are rebuilding the bottom end as soon as treats sends us the parts. I believe what was ordered were: Bearings, Seals, gaskets, and a new kick start spring. Yea he did a rat ass job wiring it so after the engines purring thats the next thing were gonna tackle.

Any ideas on how to set up a better intake system?

Re: Kickin Magnum

im pretty sure he didnt bore it at all... Thats part of the reason were gonna rebuild the bottom end, but mostly because it sounds like a bag of marbles is sitting in the bottom end while riding around 35..

As for a massive jet, what size would that be? Im not too familier with the mikunis, just now that alot of jap bikes run em.

Re: Kickin Magnum

ah i got that maxi for 35 bucks and got it up and cruisin toppin thirty. If you see a maxi for sale with duct tape all over it youll know hes ready for his next ped...

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