help on midification ciao moped

I just got a 1977 vespa ciao moped and would like to know the gas/oil mixture is sinse i did not get a book with it???

I am also wanted to modify it for more power and faster speed, but have reliable as well. I am thinking making it 75cc with a cylinder kit (jug, pistion, rings, head), exhaust pipe.

ANy help?

Re: help on midification ciao moped

use the search function and the the wiki

mix oil 50:1 w/ gas.

Re: help on midification ciao moped

Thank you for the info Sunset Paul.

Re: help on midification ciao moped

BTW the 70cc+ kits are kinda advanced. Start with a pipe, 13mm carb, and variator in that order with tuning between each, then get a 64cc Malossi kit or do some porting if you're feeling ballsy.

Don't forget about the brakes!

Re: help on midification ciao moped

Thank you Sunset Paul. I did more research and I think the middle of the road performance upgrade would be something like this:


13mm Carb

Techno Circuit Pipe

Malossi Variator

Polini 64cc kit

BTW, what kind of top speed will I see with everything except the 64cc Malossi kit?

I think if I get go up to a 70cc engine, where I have to bore out the case, the reliability goes down.

conclusion: I would like to go about 50mph little more or less, but still have a long lasting engine. That possible??

Re: help on midification ciao moped

Also, im 37 years old, and I use to have a kawasaki KDX 250, and I would make modifications, so I am use to having powerful bikes, but mopeds are new for me to modify. Any help is greatful. Thank you again,

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