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Just finished the custom rebuild of this 1977 Puch Maxi.

I installed EBR forks from Treets which I bought from a friend brand new. They did not come with any instructions. My question is since they have absolutely no movement up and down is there a procedure when you first get them out of the box to extend them before installation in order to get some cushion or are they just "that" stiff? Anybody got any experience with this?

By the way the paint on this is blood red with gold metal flake and three coats of clear (courtesy of Matt at Britt Motorsports). Looks like a ruby in the sunlight. Snadblasted it down to bare metal and resealed the tank before reassembly.

The rear shocks are also from Treets and the chrome metal padals from the local bicycle shop.

Thanks guys and girls


Re: EBR Forks

Conrad Conrad /

Do you have them on the frame and they don't budge? I imagine you need to break them in a bit just from using them.

Re: EBR Forks

yes they are installed. They have zero movement

Re: EBR Forks

how did you put them on? the best way to install them is to tighten your headset bearings. then tighten the top cap, then tighten the two fork bolts on top, then tighten the bolts that tighten around the fork legs on the bottom triple tree. do this with the front wheel installed and all of the bolts on the forks loose. at-least it works for me.

Re: EBR Forks

you don't have to break in forks. Something's wrong. you sure your friend didn't fuck them up somehow?

Re: EBR Forks

Yeah something is wrong, I got my ebrs today and I can get them to bottom out by pushing on them with my weight. Yours are stuck somehow.

Re: EBR Forks

Salsa Salsa /

i bet your just really little, they are stiff when they are you, just ride them and youll know it they are broke.

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