E50 or ZA50 for the Korado

Got a Korado. Had an opportunity to pick up a za50 2 speed motor with low miles. I was planning to purchase a 70cc kit and carb and whatever I need[budget is around $400].I was planning to build the ZA50 with a kit rather than mess around with the Korado motor. Would I be better off putting in the ZA50 in the Korado with a kit,carb,intake and aftermarket pipe.Than putting the kit in the stock Korado motor. I am considering it because it's a 2 speed compared to a one speed I have right now in the Korado..Can I transfer the Korado clutch and the cdi to the ZA50? Need help on this

I could be riding the bike and taking my time adding the kit and other stuff on the 2 spped ZA50 then when done I can do a swap so I can have a 2 speed on the Korado.

Re: E50 or ZA50 for the Korado

Most people search and try to get their hands on Korado motors to put on their bikes, not the other way around

Three-shoe clutch, roller bearing, CDI

ZA50 is much more prone to failure with power increases. No, you cannot put the Korado clutch in your ZA50.

If you want two speeds, that's your preference, but it doesn't make much sense in terms of performance

Re: E50 or ZA50 for the Korado

The Korado motor is awesome, and puch 1 speeds are better for performance than their 2 speeds.

Re: E50 or ZA50 for the Korado

Thanks for the replies. I think I'll stick with the one speed. What do you think most racers in the POlini cup were using,1 or 2 speed gearbox?

Re: E50 or ZA50 for the Korado

Variated is the weapon of choice in the Polini Cup

Re: E50 or ZA50 for the Korado

belt drive!!! and make sure you keep the muffler belt tight!

Re: E50 or ZA50 for the Korado

If going for something huge the Korado bottom will do you better. There should be an advantage for the ZA in bottom end power if your geared for top speed, however unlike the ZA a Korado is rock solid out of the box....

On another note I'll have a more complete understanding about the stock Korado cylinder once i have both an E50 & ZA

I'm not sure on the Polini cup bikes...wasn't Mike Rafter running a ZA?

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