Minarelli Mounts???

Hey it was suggested that I swap my Morini MO1 for a Minarelli V1 so I can easily get it to go up hills and such. But how different is the mounting system on the Minarelli than the Morini? I know Beretta's similar to mine have Minarelli engines in the photo gallery section but i'm wondering if it is a direct fit or not?

Re: Minarelli Mounts???

Minarelli and Morini at one time were the same company, so theres a lot of similarities. An 1985 General 5 star TE came with a V1 and the 3 star TE has the Morini so im thinking the mounts a pretty dam close since its the same frame

Re: Minarelli Mounts???

the mounts are not close.

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