4p polini reed block reeds

Are there reeds that will fit the 4p Polini reed block that I could replace? Or, is there a replacement reed block?

Mine are worn and no longer seal properly, I guess I would have to drill and tap the block.

Has anyone replaced theirs?

Re: 4p polini reed block reeds

Drill and tap. Then you can use whatever reeds you want to begin with.

Re: 4p polini reed block reeds

Thats kinda what I figured. Does anyone have pictures of this and reeds they used?

Re: 4p polini reed block reeds

No pic. Sorry. Just a do it and go person. I can find out Monday what tap and screws I did use since the mechanic next door from where I work offered them up. It was an easy process, minus the grinding and clearence of the O-Ring base. Hahaha.

Re: 4p polini reed block reeds

That would be cool thank you.

Re: 4p polini reed block reeds

i have the polini reed block.

I put the boyeson dual reeds on it.

cut off originals, tapped new hole, screwed them in.

then from the inside i cut off the excess bolt sticking out.

from there i removed the little bolts and put locktite on them, them em back in the bike.

now im ripppppin

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