Royal Purple for Puch Polini

Two-Cycle TCW III break> Max ATF break>

Royal Purple was suggested to me to use for the transmission. I also looked at the two-stroke oil. I normally use Motul 800 2T for premix, and Type F ATF. What's the sensus on Royal Purple products?

Re: Royal Purple for Puch Polini

"Valvoline Full Synthetic 5W30":

I'm also looking for experiences compared against the Valvoline synthetic motor oil for tranny use.

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I use RP in my autos (both air & water cooled.) I've never had a complaint. I've heard tales of guys opening up a motor after X amount of miles and the guts were stained purple.

I do know this, IIRC the film of RP is 800 x's stronger than the film of reg. oil.

The hardest thing ur motor does is start up.

For that split second, the only thing on the parts, is the film from when you shut it down the last time.

(thus why when my GF & I shut down our motors, we always give it a slight rev & turn it off at the same time/on the top end of the rev; it gives it a nice fresh coat of oil up into the top end.)

I've ran their other products in my other autos and have always been happy.

As I drain my newly aquired peds, I'm slowly making the switch.


Re: Royal Purple for Puch Polini

I like ... ND30 and the 2t racing oil... After it is burnt = super sticky.

Re: Royal Purple for Puch Polini

Salsa Salsa /

i use royal purple in my Audi.

Re: Royal Purple for Puch Polini

In my 97 A4, I ran it in my trans & diff too. Gotta Love it!

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What ratio do people run Royal Purple in their mopeds? My question is particular to Puch.


Re: Royal Purple for Puch Polini

i use valvoline atf vull synth in my heavily modded e50.

i looked on the shelf at auto zone for royal purple once after watching a video on youtube and didn't see it.

so far I'm running fine though on the aff synthetic.

as for premix. motul only FTW.

60:1 on polini

shred it hard as shit. no seizes

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