New Engine on Old Moped?

I want to put a new engine on my 1978 Piccoli Beretta Minisport XL. Here is the link to the engine: My bike looks alot like the ones in the photo gallery section. Please let me know ASAP I would like this thing to scoot.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

Barettas have minarelli engines, put a polini kit, phbd carb, and an expansion chamber exhaust on there and you will go faster than that 110cc four stroke engine. And you won't have to butcher your bike and do a bunch of welding. A 110cc 4-stroke only produces about as much horsepower as a 55cc 2-stroke, having 4 gears is cool but it will just make it a motorcycle.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

Thats a honda copy like the passport and trails ran. if you want to do the work to make if fit and run 12v electronics I say go for it. Keep in mind if you have savy cops it might pose a problem.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

I have a kitted Minarelli V1 bike from 1978 (which I didn't build), and a 110cc Lifan Honda Cub from 1967 (which I did build).

The kitted Minarelli goes thirty miles per hour up any hill (I could re-gear, but it's so fun), and the 110 Cub goes over sixty (but crawls up hills in second gear that the Minarelli would just eat).

They are very different machines, and both are fun.


Alex, the above said, I would spend your money on a new (well... used) Minarelli V1 plus some parts before buying a new Lifan motor for your bike.

Among other things, I do not think that your brakes are very good. The Lifan engine weighs A LOT more than the original Minarelli.

Also, the mounts for a Minarelli engine are almost two inches thinner than the mounts for a Lifan engine, and angled differently.

You would need brackets to account for the width difference, and to cut the frame (so as to not point your new engine straight at the ground like a pole-vaulter).

If you _really_ want to use that engine, buy a Honda cub frame - it is bigger, stronger, has bigger wheels with bigger brakes, and yet will leave you with something that still somehow seems like a fast, fun moped.

See if there's any interest in frame trades in the Buy/Sell forum - someone here might have a cub frame they're not using, and want an Italian moped thing like you've got.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

Ha, I just read my own post:

"I would spend your money on..."

Actually, I would spend all of your money on myself, selfishly, and this is among the reasons why I am not allowed to spend other people's money.

I believe that I meant to say that, if I were you, I would spend _my_ money on a good, used Minarelli engine, unless I had a better frame ready for that Lifan.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

well those Chinese knock offs are notoriously sucky the 110cc will do 55 but a 90cc Honda will do 55 with one less gear. to much work for little benefit and as reliable as your old 2 stroke

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

In my experience those knock of engines are fantastic. They don't have as much torque as the Honda and i think they lie about displacement but they are reliable easy to get parts for and run forever if you take care of your stuff and change the oil. I have a honda engine in my passport but would not hesitate running a chinese setup if i had to. Alot of the old honda engines and bikes were made by chinese factories.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

Ha well I do appreciate the input, no matter how selfish or greedy one can be. The fact is that the link I posted was an example. I wanted to see if it was a good idea to buy a new motor because the Franco Morini MO1 on there now is just embarassing. I am more interested in getting a kit and carb for the engine I have got, but really don't know where to begin. I just need to be pointed in the right direction....the work I can do myself, but finding the right parts is another story.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

Also....I was in the photo gallery looking at the other Berettas...and none of them had Franco Morini Engines like mine does! They all have the minarelli engine that you had just mentioned. Someone help me mom got this thing brand new in '78 and I know she hasn't swapped the motor. Why do I have franco Morini MO1?

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

I have an old Jawa that is getting a 125cc Chinese knock-off, it too will be getting a "real" hydraulic fork, along with the front disk brake from the same source. I will be retaining the fully functioning pedals (though you will have to fold up the foot pegs to use them). So, at least in spirit, it will still be a moped.

I bought an entire bike (a so called "pit bike") for $300, and should be able to dispose of the cast-offs for about $200, making this "upgrade" cost less than a 2 stroke performance pipe.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

My kitted minarelli goes 40 up any hill, and with my old pipe before it broke pushed almost 50 on the flat (now its more like 43 with a mamba). Now obviously having gears will allow you to scrap out a few more mph, but I really doubt the acceleration on one of those 110cc engines matches a well tuned minarelli with moderate gearing. I say this because I've raced my friend's 200cc yamaha motorcycle and it can barely keep up with minarelli until the high 30s when its gears give it the edge and it tops out higher of course.

Now a morini is not as common parts wise, but there are people on here who usually have some stuff, if you put "WTB: Morini kit" in buy/sell you should be able to find stuff.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

stever: stop posting /

if you are gonna slap a honda engine in it... just get a genuine honda engine, then rebuild the top end with chinese parts. so it atleast looks good.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

Tomos motors make a good swap for an old moped. Pedal start A35's being my favorite. 50cc reed valve, 2 speed transmission, quick stock with plenty of performance potential. Replacement and tuning parts are available. The A55's are nice too but have a bit of extra stuff like electric start, so you'll have to do a little more wiring. Sachs with tomos swap.

Swinger2durring tomos swap.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

"morini": kit. don't know anything about it, but..

really the thing to do is start with a good pipe and carb and move on to the kit when you know your bike better.

Re: New Engine on Old Moped?

balls. is it a minarelli break>

oh well, failing all over the place.

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