ZA50 with K-star 50cc Set-up

Is anyone using this set up? If so, what size carb, what jetting, which pipe are you using, and so on... How are your results and how is your low end?

Re: ZA50 with K-star 50cc Set-up

yeah, it's tittteee

Danny is running a sha 16.16 and a boss, biggg jet like a 90 or something, w no air filter. No port matching or anything either. This setup feels good on the za

Re: ZA50 with K-star 50cc Set-up

Sweet, I am running close to the same setup except with a 15mm Bing. Still monkeying around with my jetting but it definitely wants to go, depending on how good my low end is once I get my jetting right I may switch to the Techno or Proma Circuit pipe or the Estoril.

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