so picking up a mint one today...thought id annoy you guys, and didnt find much searching. Not sure if its a pa1,pa2,ect. But it is red and a 78.

All of em are variated eh? If so sounds like a carb, pipe and variator should be able to get me to 40 aswell as keep it super reliable.

Re: hobbit

red '78=PA50I, yellow '78=PA50II, if it has original engine. should say on head badge what your bike is.

if you have a I, you may be better off finding a II motor to do mods to.

Re: hobbit

Check your engine serial vs. the wiki to see which variant it is, or take a good look at the ramp plate on the variator. I think there are 2 main differences between the models. 1.) the variator is different which could be an issue if you want to upgrade. 2.) there's a nub on the case where the sleeve goes in that would prevent a kit from being put on. To kit a PA50I you have to grind that nub off, and possibly alter the sleeve. There's lots of info in the wiki and on the boards about upgrading either model.

My stock PA50II was super reliable, but the carb is a pain to work on due to it's location. REEDS! GET GOOD REEDS! Treats has the Boyesen 2-stage reeds that are amazing in Honda 50cc bikes! With aftermarket carb, you're gonna have to get an intake too. Treats also used to carry (haven't seen it in a while) a Polini pipe that was super quiet, low end kinda stunk, but ripped in the hi rpms! the variator work is gonna depend on your model, but there are ways to get more out of them. depending on what kind of miles it's got on it, you may want to pull the engine apart, decarbonize, check the rings piston and cylinder, and depending on how crazy you wana get, check the crank and replace bearings & seals. It's kind of a pain to tear down if you don't have a clutch puller tool. you can make them but I haven't had any luck with a "home-made" one. once you have the clutch off, change them springs for better low end.

hobbits can be a hassle to tune (mainly because of the carb placement) but they have some serious ripping potential! Whew, time to catch my breath and curse at my hobbit case for not wanting to give up the clutch plate!

Re: hobbit

so the pa501 is still variated yes? Dont feel like getting a pa2 motor, as this run was rebuilt not too long ago and it runs great, but its just to slow to ride anywhere.



that pipe^ once its back in stock?

Re: hobbit

Re: hobbit

It is a PA50I is variated, but you are going to have to make some changes to make it quick.

The reed block is really restictive on the PA50I, so you will need to replace that. You can either replace with a PA50II reed block, or you can dremel out the reed block and replace the stock reed with a sheet of carbon reed material. Then you will need to find a PA50II carb, or replace with somethings else. There is not a whole lot of point to going with the PHBG unless you are going to kit the bike. I have it and like it, but it is a pain to tune the carb, because of the placement. It would be easier in the long run and cheaper to run a carb out the side (a normal PHBG). do a search for that.

Next you will need to change the ramp plate on your variator. The interior of the variator is the same, but the ramp plate on the PA50I is designed to go 20 MPH, so you will have to replace that with a PA50II ramp plate.

Now you can think about exhausts. Do not get the jamarcol, if you want to kit the bike. It will be OK for a stock cylindar, but will be really restrictive for a kitted bike. What till Benji gets the proma circuit back in stock, or find a proma/veo vince from the Buy/sell forum.

Best use of your money is a circuit pipe and a kit. The DR and the malossi are both good and inexpensive.

Re: hobbit

upgrade your carb last. the keihins are awesome once you understand them. give it a chance.

Re: hobbit


so should i even bother? its a 400 dollar ped that is minty mint. Still deciding if I wanna get it or not.

I didnt know the pa50i would require this amount to get it even up to 30.

Re: hobbit

you will like only go 18-20 with a PA50I. You need the PA50II ramp plate and carb/reed block to go thirty

Re: hobbit

If you aren't into modding it into a 50II then don't bother-

Hobbits are amazing bikes but they do take a bit of work.

Also check the dang wiki.

Re: hobbit

and a pa50-2 cylinder, the pa50-1 cylinder exhaust ports are half the size.

Re: hobbit

easy fix, dremmel the little guard on the crank case that wont allow for a PA 50 II cylinder, email me, Ill send you a PA 50 II cylinder and piston...done

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