Re gearing a minarelli

So I'm regearing a minarelli V1 and i swapped the drive sprocket for a 13 tooth (upgrading from a 9). The sprocket went on without any problems but now there is not enough room between it and the case for the chain to slip through. There are people using 13 tooth gears on V1's on the tuning spreadsheet so i know its possible. Any suggestions? Bore out the gap with a dremel maybe? Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

the human house /

just grind it out so the chain fits

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

or you could take off the master link of your drive chain, feed it over your sprocket and then reattach the chain

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

I've already removed the master link. The chain is just fat enough to scrape the opening above the sprocket so either way it wont fit.

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

Grind out the case a bit.

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

What? Don't grind your case for that!

If a 13-tooth sprocket doesn't fit - return it (or sell it), and work out something different.

What gear combination are you trying to achieve that isn't possible with a 9, 10, 11, or 12-tooth front sprocket?

Are people having trouble finding rear sprockets, or something? There are kids quad ones that fit...


If a 13-tooth does not fit without grinding, the tuner's spreadsheet should be updated to say as much.

Could someone confirm that this is definitely the case for all Minarelli cases?


Okay, there is one reason to go big - the more teeth on the front sprocket, the better it engages the chain.

This will reduce wear over time. Slightly. I don't think you had a huge chain-wear problem with your 9-tooth, so a 12-tooth will be an improvement.

It will be even more of an improvement if your rear sprocket has an even number of teeth, but I really don't think that chain life is why you're re-gearing...

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

You have to grind!.. for the z13 and z14.. Its easy... only the top and bottom need attention.

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

Alright Ed, obviously you've done this before, so for posterity's sake please confirm: it is not possible to run a 13 tooth on a V1 without grinding? And this is relatively safe?

Re: Re gearing a minarelli

King Drunky JCams /

It is NOT possible to run a 13 tooth front sprocket on a Minarelli V1 without dremeling/grinding some on the engine case. If you do not dremel/grind, the chain will not pass through. You must grind...

I've done it.

It's easy.

Take your time and go slow...

Found I didn't like the 13 though...

Went back to a 12 tooth... winds out much better ; )

I now run 12x36 on my V1.

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