magnum mk II kits

I have a 1979 Puch Magnum MK II moped and

am looking to upgrade it. I want it to go faster.

Currently, it only goes 20mph, because it is the

engine that specifically only goes 20mph. (I believe

they offered a 20,25, and 30mph engine/carb).

I emailed this to 1977 and they told me that any of their

kits work but to post here for some further advice.

Moped junkyard told me to get this.


This is my first time trying to kit a moped.

I'm just looking for advice on how to go about it

and what my potential options might be and what

details are important.


Re: magnum mk II kits

search. then ask a more specific question.

Re: magnum mk II kits

Re: magnum mk II kits

Usually I tell people to start with a pipe, but since you've got a Magnum, that will be hard unless you can weld. For a kit, you've got plenty of options. What size is your carb? (If it's a Bing, it will have 3 numbers, like 1/12/421 or something. The middle number is the size in mm). You probably have a 12mm, but it can't hurt to check. I don't think I would recommend putting a kit on a moped with a 12mm carb, but see what other people say. You might be able to get away with it on a 50cc kit, but it won't be as fast.

Another good place to look for performance parts is Treats. You should get a pipe to go along with your kit, and a larger carb wouldn't hurt. Also, a high flow air filter, new (larger) jets, and maybe a new front sprocket (more teeth on front = more speed but less torque) would be good too. If you see something you like, I'm sure there are lots of old posts that will tell you all about it (or check the wiki, namely the Puch cylinder kit summary page), but if you've got more questions after that, just ask.

Re: magnum mk II kits

First off great find.

Ok, so you have either a ZA50 or E50. You can look at the right side of your engine to tell. If there is a big rectangle that says PUCH you have the ZA50 two speed, if it's round then you have the e50. Either one is great, but the E50 tends to be less prone to breaking under stress because it's only a single speed. Both accept the same kits and equally fun. So now that you know exactly what you have what are you wanting out of it. If you are just want to go 30-40mph then there is no need for a kit. You can purchase an exhaust and change your gearing to reach those speeds. Your cylinder has an angled exhaust port so be careful when choosing a pipe, you may have to bend the header. A properly tuned Puch with a pipe and gearing can get you to 40mph. A bigger carb is always a plus, but not needed. Also if you have an e50 you could tune the clutch so it grabs later giving you hella good take off. Ok so if you want more than 40mph and extreme balls to wall speed get a motorcycle, just kidding.

You should buy a kit from Treats is the man and his store is amazing. You can get pretty much everything you need from this man and you will have an awesome moped. I would recommend either the 65cc Metra Kit or thr 70cc People's kit for your first one. Any pipe will do, but again it depends on your setup and what you want out of it. I got 50mph out of a metra 65 and a biturbo, so anything is possible. If you have any specific question I will try to answer them because right now I'm seeming to ramble and this post is getting really long. so yeah, ask away.

Re: magnum mk II kits

Be prepared to put a lot of work into it.

I spent most of this year's Decepticon rally trying to convince a 20MPH Magnum to get past 30. Chad Burke and I changed the internal gearing and clutch bell, added a 14mm Bing carb with bored out intake, threw on an insanely ported cylinder and a super secret Italian pipe and it still had to groan to get to 35.

If you're looking to kit it, you should probably drop the ZA50 in favor of a finely-tuned E50. The ZA50 can be rather finicky and the E50 is a breeze to work on if you happen to break something.

As always, your mileage may vary...

Re: magnum mk II kits

now thats interesting, i was unaware there were physical dif between the magnum motors

i thought the 1hp was just a 2hp with a grossly huge head gasket, a 12mm intake, a 12mm carb, and maybe some dif in timing.

interested to hear others takes on this.

Re: magnum mk II kits

2hp have closed ports and run high torque heads. Mag cylinders intake studs are closer together making those holes harder to widen and stock mag intakes must be modified to fit on maxi's ect.

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