82 Yamaha QT

I have a 1982 Yamaha QT that i am building I would like to get some perormance out of it.I put this together from all parts its going to be bare. I'm makin it into a rat rod.I know Jemco is a great pipe my dad has a couple of them. Just wondering what else everyone has and how they work. He also has the pw50 gear in it. 60cc. new coils. But i am really lookin for a place i can buy a jug or a 60cc kit without having to get my old jug bored. I have a 17mm dellorto carb. clamp on air filter already on it. I just ordered disk brakes for the front. Just throw some stuff at me always interested in other ppls QTs.

if someone can find a link for a jug or a 60cc kit or bigger hit me up..


Re: 82 Yamaha QT

i have honda express handel bars on it and i also extended the frame 9inches on it..check out the picture

Re: 82 Yamaha QT

i like your chopped fenders.

Re: 82 Yamaha QT

Did you extend the frame?

Re: 82 Yamaha QT

yeah i extended it 9inches..I had an old frame that was bent and junk so i cut out the straight piece at the bottom and cut my frame in half and welded it on.

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