puch mk65 w/stock head

How well will this work?

Re: puch mk65 w/stock head

it will work. will work better if you mill the head, or sand it with glass & sand paper.

Re: puch mk65 w/stock head

very well.

Re: puch mk65 w/stock head

Yeah it would work great! just Mill the head.(ground it down by yourself) BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO DO IT UNEVENLY. If you do this could cause an airleak and really mess it up. But its REAL easy.

Step One: Get a flat piece of glass (a mirror or old window will work)

Step Two: Get some sand paper. 120 grit or so. 400grit and 800 grit

Step Three: Tape the sand paper down to the glass and wet it with a little oil or carb cleaner or WD40

Step Four: Spin it around on the sand paper in Circles Slowly And Moderately Firm. but not to hard.

Step five: pick how much you wanna shave off and sand it till that mark. USe Feeler gauges.

When you're done clean all the metal shavings off and put it back on your moped.

Don't shave off more than .25MM Unless you know what you're doing

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