Upgrades on a puch maxi?

Just bought a puch maxi and got it yesterday. It is a solid, well maintained bike, but does not quite have the "get up and go" im looking for. The badge on the bike says it is a 1HP. I have already taken apart the exhaust, cleaned it, and somebody already took off the restrictors. I also took apart and cleaned the carb, which is a bing 1/14/160 (which i thought was specific to the 2HP E50). My question is, what would you recommend I try to get this thing to have a little more acceleration, as well as top speed. What is the difference between the 1, 1.5, and 2 HP E50's? (they are all 50cc, right?) Is it worth buying a 2HP E50, or should I invest in a cylinder kit? I am also on somewhat of a budget... looking to spend $200 or less, unless it is split up into multiple parts I could buy separately. Thanks for any help....


Re: Upgrades on a puch maxi?

get the 70cc kit a pipe and a bigger carb. that will give you what you want. buying a 2hp e50 would be a waste.

Re: Upgrades on a puch maxi?

expansion chamber make moped go vroom

Re: Upgrades on a puch maxi?


I would start with a pipe, since you're going to want that if/when you kit it anyway. The 14mm carb will help you, but make sure you upjet it when you install the pipe. That should get you somewhere in the realm of 35. If you want to go faster after that, you could do the kit as a second installment, and if you want to go faster after that, a larger carb would probably help. Different people will tell you different things, though.

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