A35 carburetor?

i have a tomos a35 lx, 27x22

i put a 70cc airsal on it, top speed is 42

but i still have the stock carb and the 12mm offset intake... its the reed valve kind

what would be the best new carb/ intake/reed setup for that?

Re: A35 carburetor?

JCams's custom a35 intake and 20mm Mikuni. Sickkk powerrr, and totally worth the money.


Re: A35 carburetor?


do i have to do like, intense port matching or case matching for that?

Re: A35 carburetor?

nope, it'll go right on with no need for porting of any sort. as with any kit though, case matching is recommended.

Re: A35 carburetor?

thats crazyness. wheres the best place to find jets for that carb? treats? 77?

Re: A35 carburetor?

just about any motorcycle store or any online moto shop. Mikuni jets are like ants, you can find them anywhere in the world.

Re: A35 carburetor?

do they crawl into my shoes too? i hope not

Re: A35 carburetor?

and yes, treats sells them. mikuni 4/042 6mm main hex jet but you can get them locally everywhere

Re: A35 carburetor?

then im definitely considering it. i know a couple motorcycle shops around here and theres like 3253 autozones and napas

how much torque / top speed do you think i'd gain from this properly tuned setup?

Re: A35 carburetor?

King Drunky JCams /

Dude, the setup I'm offering will help every aspect of the Tomos.

Low end

Mid Range

Top Speed

The intake and carb come bolted together and ready to re-jet/run immediately.

Just bolts right up and rips donkey ass.


Shoot me an email when you're ready for your Tomos to sprout wings and fly.

Re: A35 carburetor?

okay cool man i'll shoot you an email. i have an experiment to try first before i make a solid deal though

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