Ninja G2 vs G3 vs Warm up

I've got a moby 50v and am looking to add a perf exhaust. From what I've read, the G3 won't provide much benefit on the stock AV7. Is the G2 any better? How about the warm up? I plan on porting out the cylinder in the near future as well.

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i ran the g3 w/ a 15sha and didnt notice anything. i ported guided by the wiki and was just barley able to hit the powerband of the pipe.

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You need to do more reading, srsly, next time you search, check the all dates button. Its been covered so many times...

Basic breakdown:

The Doppler and the G3 are the broader range pipes, good all around low mid high, meant for kits

The G2 is a high RPM pipe, its power being in the higher RPM spectrum, again really meant for kits

The stock engine is not "restricted" by the stock exhaust.

The stock cylinder will not move enough air to see any benifits from the performance pipes.

I may be wrong on some of this but i've been reading all moby related stuff for about 3 years now. Trust me, there are plenty of threads on this exact topic

Re: Ninja G2 vs G3 vs Warm up

^^^ Yeah, search away, plus there is some stuff on pipes in the wiki too. Bottom line, a pipe is not the first or even 3rd thing you should do to a stock Moby.

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Damn it this topic has come up sooo many times in the last couple weeks that its like moby spam. I think someone is fffing with us.

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moby lovers gonna kill some n00bs!

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