Max Spring Tension/Blue Springs/3 Shoe

Just picked up a 3shoe with blue springs. The holes are tapped and its ready to go in. Im wondering if what the wiki says is the ideal engagement, 'max spring tension'. The setup is conservative I just want better low end. Korado top end, 15sha, reworked magnum pipe. It does 40, just could use some more low end. Any tips on how much I should screw these in/out?

Re: Max Spring Tension/Blue Springs/3 Shoe

I go in like 5-6 turns in from flush

Re: Max Spring Tension/Blue Springs/3 Shoe

ideal engagement

ideal engagement is just when you are coming on the power band of your specific set up. Too soon, and you will bog, too late, and you will wear out your clutch (as it slips). There are a Lot of variables here, what works good for one is not necessarily good for another, it's strictly trial, and error.

Re: Max Spring Tension/Blue Springs/3 Shoe

Jon, try screwing them all the way in, tight, then backing them out 720 degrees. Good starting point.

Also when/if you have to pull the clutch cover off to adjust it, tip the ped to the side, so you don't have to keep draining it.

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