Arreche carb jet sizes

I have a Peugeot SV50cc (vertical cylinder air cooled) fitted with a cast iron 70cc cylinder,

To which I would like to fit an Arreche 17.5mm carb, which at the moment has a 25 idle jet, a 68 main jet, a 105 emulsion tube (or as Arrechi call it a jet holder assembly) and lastly an R needle.

Does anyone have an idea what jets etc would be a good base line setup before fine tuning?

Thanks Chris

Re: Arreche carb jet sizes

Not gonna find much help on that one. I run a 15 amal arreche and have a 17 I am going to step up to, but no one else runs them for some reason. I think they are awesome carbs, cheap and non leaky with hella tuning potential. The jet numbers are way dif than del jets and bing jets, which is pretty much what everyone else runs.

Re: Arreche carb jet sizes

Thank you for the reply,

While I do have a set of main jets to experiment with, my carb has no access to the float chamber which means that I have to remove it completely for every jet change and this does get to be a pain after the 3rd or 4th time!


Re: Arreche carb jet sizes

I fitted the carb with a 90 mainjet and fitted it to the scooter today, it runs well and is making plenty of power, I will do a plug chop later on and see if the 90 jet is correct.

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