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I've been playing with some old dirt bike VM Mikunis (20, 24 and even a 26MM) on the Extreme Urban for the past years/months and have come to the point where I needed to buy some fine tuning parts to optimize the mid-range. I settled on either a new 22 or a rebuild my old 24mm, both of which are extremely large. So I decided to try the Dellorto 21mm PBGH/Racer to see what everyone is raving about.

Treats rocks (again) and had it to my door in a day or two. I couldn't believe how TINY this thing is! It easily fits in the palm of your hand. So I opened it up and checked to see what jets were in it and slipped it on. Started second kick and ran pretty well right off. Need to downjet the LS and jack up the needle a notch, but overall, looks like a killer little carb. Yeah!

Re: Nice Carb

Super cool story bro!

Re: Nice Carb

Not that you've never seen a pic of a Dellorto or anything, but maybe not on a CT 4-petal reed manifold.

21 mm PBGH - Race version. For Racer's, of course....


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King Drunky JCams /

I'm a mikuni man, but that looks hot ; )

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