Puch Newport II upgrades... :)

I have a 1980 Puch Newport II that i wanna get "going" and i was wondering if this was a good combination. Metrakit 65cc, Puch jammy performance pipe, puch high flow air filter... I wanna know what you guys think and what carb jetting i should use for the gay. I mean bing. :)

Re: Puch Newport II upgrades... :)

know nothing of the puch jammy pipe.

what size carb? why you stickin to a Bing, MK65 loves a 19phbg.

Re: Puch Newport II upgrades... :)

I dunno why? jammy is just cheap.... but im getting a techno circuit instead. The bing has to stay cause im broke as a joke. how fast do you think i can run with these mods though? Because i need to make an 8 mile commute and average 30mph. Do you think that can happen with this?

Re: Puch Newport II upgrades... :)

Fer sher, so long as hills aren't an issue. I guess it depends on how many stop lights and errtang, but yeah, a pipe, a filter, proper jetting, you should run in the mid 30's at top, a little better with taller gear ration. Do you have a 14 bing or a 12, if you have the 12 and the 12 intake, don't even bother with a kit, it wont really help. If you have the 14, you might get a little out of a kit, then later down the road get like a 16sha or a mikuni or something going.

Re: Puch Newport II upgrades... :)

I have a 80 Newport II as well. I ran my 12mm Bing on a kit before I had it bored out to 15mm. It did fine. With that setup I would say high 60's to mid 70's jetting. I ran a 76 jet on the 12mm Bing with a Tomo's Alukit and a Homoet 4p. It has reeds and It is a fast pipe but I managed Low 40's with 18x40 gearing. I bored the carb, upjetted to 80, put a high comp head on, changed the gearing to 18x36, and now it gets me to 52. It will pull me up a rather steep bridge to about 45-47 depending on wind too.

From what I understand the Mk65 is a good kit and has potential. It doesn't hurt that its an iron bore. The 70cc K-star is well loved too.

You could just get a good pipe, get your carb bored out, and do some porting on you stock cylinder and you will see 40's. Hell, before I bought anything I raised my exhaust port 1mm and did a little modifying to the stock exhaust and saw 36mph. Now that I know a little more about porting I probably could have gotten more. I have heard rumors of someone hitting 50mph on a high torque cylinder.

Re: Puch Newport II upgrades... :)

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

woof yeah if you're looking for 30, stock will do that all day long with high 50's jets no filter and deresticted exhaust. 50cc kstar/tecno circuit/14 bing does 40mph almost bolt on and under 200$ total, mid 70's jets

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