4 Kits... Hmmmm

So I'm in the process of rebuilding my Puch e-50 and I can't decide which kit to case match my engine to.

I have an old hard seized Metra 65 I could possibly bore out and put a new piston in. (not likely)

A soft seized Polini that needs a new piston, But, Id also want to go 4 petal and new intake. $$$$

A K-star that is currently on the bike that is ready to go.

and finally the treats 70cc reed valve kit that I am tempted to buy. I would also get the 4 petal and have to build an intake. $$$$$$

Hmmmm... decisions decisions....

If I match my engine case to one kit will it still work as well with a different kit when that one bites the dust if I decide to switch kits???????

Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm

Depends on what kit you match it too and what kit you are replacing it with. Airsal and Kstar might be close, Polini and metras look like they have much bigger ports.

Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm

Man....I know people are freakin' out about the Kstar....but I've gotta tell you, man....we just threw a Tomos Alukit on my bro's Magnum with a 19mm PHBG, Malossi quad reed intake. I just about have it totally tuned, and it took a 96 jet. HUGE. Might even take a 98. It TEARS. Paired with a Simonini I would think it has 55 mph pretty easily.

For 155.00 you can have the kit and intake. Pipe it, carb it. And BLAST.

Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm

Conrad Conrad /

so if you match for a polini, and end up getting a treats reed kit down the road then you're screwed?

Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm


Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm

Thats pretty much what I would think, I never had a puch Polini but my guess is the ports are a good deal bigger then the Kstar ones. On the other hand I dont think there would be a huge problem as long as you can still get the bottom gasket to seal up. My worry would be a kit with smaller ports not being able to "cover" the larger ported case and leaking.

Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm

buy a spare case, I have the polini kit here also, and the gila and the airsal, some 65cc hero kits, polini for the revs is the way to go


Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm

I say 70cc reed valve kit.

But I am biased I have the Tomos Alukit which is the same but 1mm smaller making it a 64cc that I strapped on my Newport II and it rips pretty hard with a Homoet 4p and a bored out Bing. I run 18x36 and it takes me to 52mph. I don't have a four petal on there, yet.

I wish I would have waited a month to get the true 70cc Puch Treats kit. I wouldn't have had to modify the exhaust and it would have been a little more powerful. The hardest part is the intake. I made mine but... not everyone can do that, so it ads to the cost.

The Polini would be good too. Though, the ports are larger. I matched my Alukit and it is not too much bigger then stock and I would reckon that its comparable to the k-star. BUT the Polini is bad ass, so.....

Re: 4 Kits... Hmmmm

The alukit transfers are probably small enough that you could re-match your case to a different kit if you wanted to.

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