carb help please!!

1976, I think, Yamaha chappy. I got this thing running after 15 years of sitting in grandpa's barn. Turns out, the coil wire was cut in two. Its running now but not correctly. It seemed like it would idle, but sputtered when giving it throttle. Well I discovered that if I plug a hose coming off of the carb, it runs real good. Just wondering what I am actually doing? Am I causing it to run to lean, leading to damage, or can I plug that hose and ride the heck out of it?.........I have gone through the carb, petcock, cleaned gas and oil tank, all hoses are new. the only thing I am not sure of would be the float setting in the carb, I didn't change that at all, but it seemed to shut the fuel flow off when the float was all the way up. It seems to function correctly, I am just unsure of where to adjust the float level, if I even need to at all. could this also be part of the problem?

Re: carb help please!!

upon further inspection, there is no actual hose on this "hole" that I am plugging. It sticks out about 1/2" from the carb, but I dont think there was probably ever a hose on it because it is not ribbed like it would hold a hose on. All the rest of the hose connection points are ribbed, so the hose will stay on, this port is just smooth. Please, any help would be much appreciated.

Re: carb help please!!

kim jensen /

I read somewhere on here that the "hole" is an overflow on the carb if the float pin fails to stop the flow of fuel. Don't know why plugging it would make a dif.

Only your air intake and jet size would affect rich/lean ratio.

Although if you run low on fuel in the carb, you could run lean, but you usually stall out from lack of fuel before long.


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