102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

I have an '80 102sp and yes I know its slow and performance parts

have always been tough to find but I saw the 50cc parmakit on treatland. Has anyone put one of these on a 102 yet? I just want to know if its really going to make a big difference or not. I know that the 102 is junk in a lot of ways but I really like this one, its a good looking bike. Does anyone have any recommendations on other mods that may help me out as well? I would be happy to just have it run with a substantial amount of power.

the kit link here:


Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

It's either this or porting your stock jug. I'd say it's totally worth it if you don't feel comfortable hacking up your stock jug.

Deck your head for more compression (search about it here)

Upgrade carb and lighten the clutch and you'll have a zippy bike that probably tops out around 34-35ish.

If you weld and mount up an expansion chamber you'll hit upper 30s with big enough porting and the right gearing.

But since your bike only has one gear you have to balance between decent low end, and good high end. Bigger porting can work with the peugeot clutch, because you can make it lighter, and get back some low end even with bigger porting. Gearing is always a give and take, it just depends what kind of riding you're gonna do.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

dude. port and cut and throw on a biturbo. If yuo really need some super help bring it down to cuperteen land, i have always wante to make a 102 fast.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

try it man it probably ur only option to ever get an aftermarket top end for that thing

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

I dunno I think a boss would be pretty sweet on one.

Keep it kinda stock and zippy

Thatd be sweet.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

okay, I am with Danny on this one, I have been looking for a solution to the slow 102 thing myself and came on this site to search for some light at the end of the tunnel, and I find this thread. YAY! I have been contemplating that part for about 2 months now, I have the money now and am almost ready to to take the jump. I am however a bit apprehensive to pull my bike apart and put this on unless I am going to notice a significant difference, I also need to find a pipe that will fit her, I didn't see anything on treats that say "102" so I am not sure what to buy, also is there anything I can get that will show me what porting is or a guide on how to do it, as I have barely taken the air filter off her so I am still a noob at this, I drive her 3 miles a day, some semi big hills, I would love for her to go over 30, but I am a big guy and need more low end performance to get her off the line rather than top speed, I don't want to peddle so much. Don't mean to take over Dan's thread or anything but any help is much appreciated! I don't have much tools or am a welder so without getting too heavy into rebuilding her.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

if 102's and 103's have the same bolt pattern u should be able to get an 80 metra on that thing, with alot of effort and huge payoff or maybe a polini kit, rn't puchs and Peugeots the same or really close in bolt pattern

shit will rip then and be the coolest 102 ever

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

102's still have ~39mm stroke right? I'm sure you can find some cylinder inducted scooter kit. Possible american mopeds future project.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

What is an 80 metra? would I need to weld? maybe all this is over my head and I should get a motorcycle....

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

It's an 80cc 'metrakit' that's the company. Don't need to weld, but you need some knowledge. Read up buddy. Get the manual, learn it. Check out some of the 103 threads... I think they have the same clutch.

lightening your clutch will improve your low end drastically.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

I am in the same boat as corpse, I do not have a lot of experience

but I am noticing a lot of good ideas. Sometimes you know you don't have the best thing since sliced bread but I know there has to be hope for the 102's and I am glad to see people enthusiastic. I used to just get told to throw it away and get something else. So porting is an option, and the parmakit may not be half bad. Just off any experience with parmakits what do they off in terms of performance? Also does anyone know what upgrade carbs will fit a stock 102? the engine sits so damn close to the frame. Help me make the most badass 102sp ever. Lets make a geo metro into a Porsche! haha. If anyone has good performance references or want to help me gather these ideas into a formatted plan of best action I would be stoked. I am in the seattle area by the way.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

The 102 is like any other moped. You can do anything with ingenuity. Stuff like deck the head, shave the piston-skirt lighten the clutch, upgrade your carb, fab an explansion chamber exhaust. You can do this shit to any moped. Look what folks have done to the Batavus-- another infamously difficult brand.

You will need a better carb and larger intake I can't tell you how to do it, but you may be able to fab something up. Maybe you can fit a dellorto 14.12 on there, maybe a moby shorty intake will fit?? Questions for you to answer for all of us.

The 50cc parmakit is like a new clean top end with larger ports than your old engine. The same gains can be had by porting the stock jug yourself. If you plan on keeping that 102 for a while, you may want to buy one just in case something happens to your stock motor.

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

well I guess I'll never know unless I try, I am gonna take the plunge and see if I can trick out a 102, wish me luck, you'll see a lot more of me in these forums once i get the parts, i saw on treats also that there is a pipe that fits 102's so I am for now going to order the 50cc kit and the pipe and see what I have after that, any suggestions while I am at without breaking the banc? or any must have's to do this properly?

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

whoa whats this about putting a poini or metra on a pug? puch have a 43mm stroke and pugs have a 39.1mm but if they have the same bolt pattern could you take 3.9mm off a puch kit and run that? or maybe get the strokercrank and mill down the spacer?

Re: 102sp treats 50cc parmakit worth it?

damn this has got my gears a turning, does that mean you could make a 3.9mm shim and run a 103 kit on a e50?

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