Tomos CDI

Yo I ordered the A55 CDI, can I put it on my a35 that has an a55head with a kstar70cc and dello? the box it came in says Puch so im guessing that i can?

Re: Tomos CDI

Where did you order an A55 CDI from and is it the stock one, HPI or what? I am just curious, want to get rid of my points.

Re: Tomos CDI

Rafael, you can't use the A55 CDI. The A55 CDI has an extra wire that goes to the external pickup for the A55 flywheel/magneto setup. Also the A55 CDI is rev limited. Do yourself a huge favor and return the A55 CDI and buy an A35 CDI. FYI, the A35 ignition system does not have an external pickup. Its all enclosed in the flywheel. In fact, many of the people with A55 are buying the entire A35 ignition system, like myself, to get rid of the rev limiter.

Re: Tomos CDI

Will do. Thanks man.

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