airsal or alukit?

need a new kit... the lining on mine is chipping at the top

which one is more durable, has better porting, more top end, more lowend?

any funky things that i should know with either?

Re: airsal or alukit?

arisal ahs bigger transfers.

alukit is way cheaper.

which ever you get make sure you take out the bridge in the intake.

Re: airsal or alukit?

also where have you been..

you dropped off the face of the earth.

Re: airsal or alukit?

Why would you take out the bridge on the intake? It's not needed unless you are doing some serious porting and using a massive carb. I have a friend who ported(the right way) an alukit and he took the bridge out, my ped was faster than his was so that doesn't make sense to me.

Re: airsal or alukit?

Justinnnnnnnn /

Re: airsal or alukit?

hippy took out the the intake bridge in one of his posts, but i dont think there was ever a follow up on results

Re: airsal or alukit?

drew im back on earth and building my ped up. jcams answered my intake prayers and ill have it friday. i need a few other things, so by the end next week i will be tuned and ready to go for the hershey ride if its still on

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