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in the past I put something up on the wiki about this, and today i actually went and did it.

DMV told me to go fuck myself even though I SHOWED them the regulation from their own employer stating I don't need a title from a non-title state, just a Bill of Sale.

A shitload of other title places told me the same.

THEN I found a place in my town that said "Oh, there's an exception for that."

New title, tax, plates and everything plus their $25 fee was $153. Expensive, but cheaper than a bunch of tickets.

If you can't find a titling place or dmv that will just register the thing, then you CAN try to register it as a dirtbike, "sell it", get it titlted somewhere else as a moped, then "buy it back" and re-title it. It's a bit much, but to get legal it's worth it.

So, there you go, you CAN title in Illinois as long as you have a BOS from a non-titling state (MO, and IN, I think).


Re: IL Titling

There is likely a clause somewhere called "rightful possession". Depending where you are this may include: a sworn affidavit before a judge (or JP) that you are in "rightful possession", a police check (as long as it's not been reported stolen, somewhere, sometime), and a "proper" bill of sale (dated with a contact name and address, which you should have anyway if the police check goes wrong). Taking all this stuff to the DMV should result in a title. In most cases the bill of sale is optional (you might have picked the vehicle out of a dump, and your sworn statement before a judge/JP will reflect this) but be prepared, there is no telling before hand if the police check will go wrong.

Everywhere I have lived there is the "rightful possession clause", it can be a royal PITA, but it is the last resort.

Money: At one time government services were cheap, they no longer are, expect to pay the same as if you were doing this with a car.

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