Suzuki Fa50 Jetting Help With Pipe

I have a stock fa 50 with a simoni pipe and a uni pod filter. What is everyone running for jetting? Min was so lean it would only do about 20... not to mention the removal of the stock air cleaner and intalling a uni pod filter greatly increased air flow. I changed my slow jet to a 20 from a 15. And my main is about an 82 right now.... still isnt right tho...

post your setups please. Thanks, Nick

Re: Suzuki Fa50 Jetting Help With Pipe

Check the wiki spreedsheet.

Sand down your head .006" to regain low end with that pipe.

Re: Suzuki Fa50 Jetting Help With Pipe

i checked the wiki....seems to be only one fa on there...

i guess ill just do my own trail and error


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