new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

Hopefully last question I have to ask for awhile; has anyone experienced this before? I figure it can't be anything other than an airleak. Unless this treats CDI is evil

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?


Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

sounds like your brake fluid is low.

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

well, its prob running lean you can run with the air leak theory, but upjet now before you puff the damn thing testing it.

please take this as a helpful tip - dont change the cdi and the kit or any 2 things at one time unless you have too...then you dont have to guess which one it is..

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

to may vari-a-bles

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

sorry guys, I can see I'm irritating some of you. Anyway yea, it seemed to stop, we tried carb cleaner at every appropriate spot with nothing, rode it around a bit. Started with an 86 jet, perhaps I should go up to this 92 I have to be safe, bh7s plug, 15mm bing, basic hi flow filter...dmp estoril clone. Started it up again tonight and it seems to be doing it again a bit. i'll try spraying more carb cleaner tomorrow.

This is my first moped..the stock top end was fucked, it took me the whole winter, and mostly spring now, to get to this point. I was pretty unbelievably happy today. cornball brake fluid joke clownin aint holding me down.

I've changed literally everything. i just started by diving in and tryna learn everything. the only thing left is the drive gear and engine cases..and the frame. badonkers. i understand a bad idea. its just about good now though.

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

make sure your choke isnt on it could try to do that if closed. also adjust your carb idle screw. that happens sometimes too. check your plug to see how hot or lean or rich its running. i had no problems when kitting my ped. started right up.

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

ya. the plug looked almost totally clean when just idling for a few minutes, and blackened after riding for 10 minutes or so. I made a foolish error when putting the carb on, choke slide was not affixed to the choke pull, so it wasnt staying up in idle. Now that I fixed that its starting up no problem, seems like there might be a slight leak. gonna see if I can't tame it today.

I looked through the plug hole in the head and the top of the piston looked slightly bronz-ish. I dont know enough to know if thats normal. Also a bit of smoke coming out after riding it and taking plug out, I assume that is normal.

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

so, its idling high and bumping the clutch? turn down the idle screw?

Re: new kit on, accelerating at idle - air leak?

hey guys, thanks for all your help.

i found what i think is the remaining 'newb' thing - the throttle cable that came on it when i bought it last fall wasnt long enough; the throttle slide was at like probably 1/8 throttle just in idle. no wonder the idle screw wasn't doing much.

i have the idle screw as far in as it will go without making it die. its a bit hard to make it idle at first, if i give it some throttle it will be good. it seems to be improving though in that department. Perhaps the 86 jet would have something to do with that, I think its quite big, at least from the massive trawling i've done in this forum over the last few months.

pipe doesnt seem to hit for a little while, for some reason i thought it would be super low end - perhaps cause my gearing is 16x35 or some such nonsense. I plan to switch to 12x45 this week.

theres something screwy happening with the speedo drive on my front snowflake unfortunately; its creating a good amount of friction over like 10-15mph, I remember trying to learn how it is configured when I first got these, and it seemed like the tabs on the speedo drive had been sheared. I wonder if theres a way I can lose it altogether cause I'd like to use a gps instead.

WORD MY DUDES> even to the guys i was snippy with you are all gurus in my eyes and utmost respect.

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