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Brandon Bakke /

When scrounging local auto shops for plugs for my Maxi, I found an NGK plug, part number BR6HS. Anyone know what difference the "R" makes. They seem to run fine, but I've never had a regular B6HS, so I guess I don't really know.

Just curious if anyone else has ever run them before.

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R stands for resistor plug

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Yea r = resistor. I work at KRagen and one day when it was slow I went rummaging through all our ngk box's looking at every plug. Both trying to figure out what could work for a moped and what all the letters stood for.

very few of the plugs would work as alternatives for hs plugs but I found a good few that could work with es plug's. Even found a "race" plug that has the same thread and heat range as an 8es. Checked on NGk's webpage and it's actually listed as an alternative.

Lot of fun to be had in the back isles of an auto parts store.

Re: "oddball?"NGK Plug

yeah... resistored plug, not much of a need for one on something with points though.

Re: "oddball?"NGK Plug

what does -10 mean on a plug, ie B7hs-10? I used one when thats all that was at the store.

Re: "oddball?"NGK Plug

King Drunky JCams /

With NGK, the lower the number, the hotter the spark.

B7HS is a hotter plug than a B10.... Usually, between B6 and B8 are what I stick with.

I run the BR7HS plugs on my CDI bikes.

Re: "oddball?"NGK Plug

The -10 at the end means it comes preset with a 1.0 mm gap.

Re: "oddball?"NGK Plug

a dash "-" aways represents the pregap.

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