idling problem

i own a 1977 puch maxii andi just recieved a techno bullet exhaust, and bing 14 mm carb.. the problem is it will not idle at all its idled way to high and will not go down.. ne ideas?

Re: idling problem

Check your throttle cable tension (if it's too tight, it will do that) and also check for air leaks (air leaks will make it do that).

Re: idling problem

im going to guess its air leaks cuz i couldnt tighten the exhaust all the way cuz their wasnt enough space to get the socket or cresent wrench on it.. thanks ill let you know if it helps

Re: idling problem

Sometimes I use the open end of the wrench with a screwdriver (or something else like that) through the closed end .... like the wrench is perpendicular to the ground and engine. It takes forever and it's a PITA, but it usually works for me.

Re: idling problem

or you can take a a hammer and put a nice dent in your new pipe. my boss was 2nd hand and already a little beat up. it worked great!

did you upjet at all?

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