Super moped!

What can generaly be done to a moped to up its performanceand make it run better? Thanx

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Alot. if you got



mechanical skills

and if you know what you're doing

porting&polishing,milling,kits,case matching,sprockets,clutches,clutch springs,lightening the weight of the bike, transmission fluids, clutch modding. and much much more

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Jeez, talk about an open ended question...

Quick answer: read the threads in this category.

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dial in your systems. Increase compression, Increase flow, reduce friction. that's what can generally be done.

More specifically

increasing flow means: either using tools to alter the engine case and cylinder ports, changing the exhaust, a suitable carburator and intake systems, and/or using larger cc kits (or just kits of better design) most part "upgrades" fall in this category

Reduce friction: make sure nothing is dragging on your bike, like wheels, brakes, chain, clutches, bearings, etc. make sure everything is greased. wear girl pants.

Dial in your systems: make sure your electrical system is timed and tuned right, make sure your gas is properly mixed and your carb is putting out the right gas/air mixture at all times. make sure you have no airleaks. This will ensure proper combustion. This is not an "upgrade" just essential for a properly running moped.

Increase compression: this can be done by milling the head or using different "stuffed" cranks. be careful not to overdo it.

Any other questions should be more specific, read up and good luck!!!

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what is a stuffed crank?

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Stuffing reduces the interior space in the bottom end of the engine, there for increasing compression (same ammount air, less space)

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Re: Super moped!

save your money and get a ped that's more friendly to performance mods. tomos, puch

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damn, wrong?

please, make me right!!!

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Stuffed crank only increases you crankcase compression not engine compression. Less crankcase volume means that the air/fuel mix in the crankcase is under more pressure when the transfers open. This causes better filling of the cylinder, and better mixing as well. The only gain you will see is a little bit of low end torque, doesn't affect top end hardly at all.

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