Polini 19mm Intake

Hi guys,

I just got a 19mm Polini intake for my new PHBG carb, as I eagerly went to install the carb I noticed that the flange was pointing 90 degrees differently thus forcing my intake to not fit between my cylinder and bike frame, also the intake is to big to fit between the cylinder and the frame, I was thinking I would take the intake to a metal shop and have them chop off the flange and rotate it but before welding the flange back on I would ask them to shorten the intake.

does this sound like a valid plan of attack?

Re: Polini 19mm Intake

On a citybike you need to rotate the intake to the side with a plate... I actually have plates I made. For a small fee I could send you one with the hardware and extra gasket you need to make it work!

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