carb carb carb!

i have a 1979 batavus starflite in pretty rough condition. i would like to get a "knew" carb for my ped. if anyone knows where i could get one or how to clean it up that would be great!:) thanx!

Re: carb carb carb!

got the info

Re: carb carb carb!

yo man, i have a 1980 starflite. take off the carb, undo the throttle cable and choke cable and the screw that attaches the carb to the engine. take the carb apart, everything (jet, jet holder, float bowl). either spray carb cleaner on it, i mean spray it in every hole on the entire carb. i like to get a container, fill it up with carb cleaner and soak all the pieces over night. don't soak the seal on the float bowl. you should be good.

use this link for batavus repairs/mods

Re: carb carb carb!

Same as above, carb cleaner does wonders, i just rebuilt my hs-50 carb tonight and the thing is purring. A Suggestion to save trouble is do not take of the fuel banjo (circular black piece with a bolt through it) but unplug the fuel line. Loosening the fuel banjo can be a pain and cause gas leaks + like me you can break it.

Nonetheless can i put this on the hs-50

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