super treats clutch

roadent$ craig /

why are these things sooooo bad.

not even that they are heavy, each shoe has a ton of lining.

as soon as you give it any gas, its in gear. i have blue springs and they are tightened to the max.

i tried putting 2 of the shoes on my 2 shoe clutch with the springs tightened all the way. didnt make any difference.

i cant even get it to idle without wanting to grab.

would taking material off each shoe even make a difference? i think theres too much lining on these things.

im trying to build a solid 2 shoe with good pads. i blew up two of the stock clutch pads already...

Re: super treats clutch

i just got one of these and was amazed by how beefy it is, havnt tried it out yet but it seems crazy for sure, definatly alot of pad material

Re: super treats clutch

those things kinda came in and outta fad so fast they made me nervous.

standard 3 shoe for 30 bucks for me man, with blue or paz springs. i know they blow up but they are cheap to replace, and you dont even need to retap the drum, you just put the new arms and shit on the old drum.

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