i know nothing

If I know literally nothing about engines and were to find myself owning a Honda Hobbit, what would be the best way to start learning about my engine and how to keep it up and maybe even get a little more speed out of it?

Re: i know nothing

Ask questions here, search the forums, look things up on the wiki, and actually work on your moped. Reading about stuff only goes so far -- if you really want to know, you must do. (Although having some idea of what you're doing first is a good plan. :) )


Re: i know nothing

Send JCams a case of beer and some cigars and he will teach you

Re: i know nothing

get some jets and a pipe/hi flow filter. that's a good entry level perf tune that can be done by know nothings. or just follow these steps.

always mix your oil/gas good.

check your tranny oil.

don't crash.

read the wiki.


read it again.

make some posts.


buy some shit from treatland.tv

read the wiki five more times.



read the wiki once more.

now your going 65 and know everything, yay!

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