Little help with my first e50 build?

Hey guys;

I just rebuilt my first one - rito crank, 70cc airsal, dmp carbon (estoril), treats CDI. Case matched. 15mm bing

I sealed it up!

First of all, I checked the compression, ~180.

CDI getting spark, but oddly enough it looked smaller than before - perhaps because I'm using a BH7S plug for the first time?

Kicked it over, nothing; squirted some premix in the head, started after a few tries; revved that little gas in there and it was scary powerful.

My question is what should I try next? I believe I've got a high - 70's jet in the bing, it IS definetely getting fuel flow, I should probably put in something higher like an 88 for breaking in..

As far as getting it to start up well, seems like I need to give the carb and possibly the CDI timing some attention?

Or is this just airleaks?

What strategies to you men and women recommend?


Re: Little help with my first e50 build?

How did you setup the Treats Cdi?

Re: Little help with my first e50 build?

birdsy —— /

I tried the fully retarded position; one of the more recent posts in the CDI thread recommended that; but now I'm seeing posts saying fully advanced. Pickup is on the right, just how it came.

I think I need to learn how to use timing light etc.

When i revved it with gas in it, seemed quite nice though

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