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The return hose on the rad actually sings way right of the front wheel (just looks like there is clearance issues in the photos. The output hose is another story it was close on the orange bike but it's very close on this one. I have it pulled back with a few zip ties but think I can get a bit more clearance by trimming the "fat" from the hoses.

I only used a welder to tack a few things into place. Everything I added is brazed together. I picked up a cheep ($45) OXY/MAP set-up at the hardware store and figured out how to do it my self to do it wail working on the gas tank. I was going through the mini Oxy tanks like hot cakes and at $10 a pop it adds up fast. I actually had an r20 bottle (20 cu/ft) of oxy and another for accedline that had all the hoses but was missing a torch (I would have used this set-up but the cheapest I could find a torch was $150). I picked up an pipe to hose connector at kragen and just removed the hose from the old oxy pick-up and attached it to the new bottle. Now it cost me $25 to top the tank and it's been going strong for the past 3 weeks (I used 4 bottles of the other stuff in the period of a week). Not only dose it last longer and cost less to refill you can put out more oxy and thus use more map gas and thus get a hotter bigger flame. I really doubt that the other bottles could even dream of brazing the thick cross brace to the frame.

Reason the tank is where it is, I started with it mounted to the stock tab just under the top tripple plate. That put the seat way too far forward, with it set-up that way I was sitting where the tank is now. Felt really weird so the tank got pushed back. Best part is the front of the seat pan butts up to the rear of the tank as it and if/when I swap over for a fiberglass or carbon magnum tank it will fit perfectly all the way up to the triples.

Gearing right now is set at 40-17. The pipe hits so late that I am worries about being left in the dust on the starting line and really having trubble coming out of the corners. Want to go through the bike piece by piece and get a seat that is actually attached before I see how fast she still is on the top end.

Looks like it's going to be a busy week...

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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