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Well my Orange bike is not so much a bike any more, more of a frame.

Reason being is I'm hopefully going racing this coming weekend. A new frame was modified for rigidity and personal preference.

Started out with a murry frame and then broke out the angle grinder. Chopped off the rear rack and boxed it back in with thin plate steel then chopped the seat post down. Added an cross brace (no gas tank this time), and reinforced the swingarm and back of the motor bracket with thicker steel plate. Braised some radiator mounts onto where I thought they should go... Chopped of said brackets and put them into the right place. Then I went to work on the murry tank (same as a freespirit). I dremeled the metal around the stock gas cap off and patched that hole back up. Took a hole drill bit and cut a hole into the front of the tank. then I relocated the fuel pickup and moved the mounting bracket for the tank to the frame. I more of less turned the tank from it's origional set-up into a top tank.

Stole the 85cc parma from my Orange bike along with the wheels. and bolted it all up into what you see before you. She's not pretty but ask me if I give a shit. She was made for one reason and one reason alone, get out onto the track and see how fast it will go and how far she can lean. I plan on crashing so I don't want something under me that I worry about scratching up.

Got the radiator tubing figured out bolted up the pipe (after braizing in a new bracket). Filled her up and fired on the first push. Let her warm up and then went for a spin. Feels great lots more power on initial throttle input. I changed the gearing a bit. In addition to the port work I did to the kit (minimal) and I also reset the squish to be much tighter (thankfully no knocking on my test ride).

Still need to get my fiberglass seat pan finished might need to go to plan be on that one.

Looks really funny with the gas tank pushed back so far off the front and without a seat

Better IMO with the seat, that's the old broken mold I used to make another seat pan (same as magnum but shorter). I might just reinforce it and mount it up vs using a new one. Going to crash and it will take a lot less time to do.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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