e50 race clutch

can i install a three shoe race clutche with blue springs in my somewhat stock ped. i only have a milled head and jamarcol jammy pipe for it so i wasnt sure if this makes it un good? oh and what does this clutch improve on?

Re: e50 race clutch


Re: e50 race clutch

Try to search next time.

Stiffer clutch springs will make your engine rev higher before the clutch engages, thus when you take off you will actually take off and not just putt-putt away. It's a mod that is solely for low end gains. If you search you will see that you need to tighten up the springs when you get it.

You'll need to have a clutch puller and piston stop to get your stock clutch off. Also the 3-shoe clutches aren't notched for the woodruff key, so you gotta put it on with an impact wrench. Also, if you ever want to take it off (which you will) you have to tap threads into holes.

If you've got to ask, it might just be a lot easier to buy the stiffer springs and put them into your stock 2-shoe.

Re: e50 race clutch

And try waiting more than a half hour before someone answers your questions. For something this complex it usually takes years of research. Brooks must have slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night

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