Idols Fast, Air Leak?

garelli with 21mm phbg, polini 70cc kit. i got it to start today for the first time with new kit, carb and exhaust and it idles like whoa. i read a whole crap load of posts here and im thinking its prob an air leak. i think i may have bent the metal "gasket" between the head and the jug. Im going to check it all tomorrow and tighten everything up. i was wondering if that metal gasket could be replaced with a regular rubber gasket or does it need to be that same metal ring. thanks, ben

Re: Idols Fast, Air Leak?

yea he's fast, but Idol _never_ has air leaks.

Re: Idles Fast, Air Leak?

Benjamin Clark /

HA, I had that coming, now that we got that out of the way some help please

Re: Idols Fast, Air Leak?

rubber won't stand up to the temperatures of combustion for very long. get the correct head gasket if you're gonna use one. or cut one from a beer can or soda can. I don't use them on my bikes, but I take the time to sand the mating surfaces perfectly flat. no head gaskets = no blown or leaky head gaskets.

Re: Idols Fast, Air Leak?

just take it out i dont run head gaskets

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