Seize up an engine

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What will happen when you Seize up an engine?

I know the piston will be stuck, but what will happen, will the back wheel stop turning, and will the driver go flying into oblivion. Just wondering if I'm doing 45-50 mph. Who has had this experience.

Re: Seize up an engine

depends on what type of bike your riding. belt drive, you'll roll to a stop, quickly. chain drive you might skid. it's like slamming on your back brake, but it really depends on whether the clutch lets go or not. if you seize on a pit of sand or an oil slick, maybe you'll lose control. I suppose you could get tossed if your kinda drunkers too.

rider being thrown is usually more of a front wheel/brake problem or loss of control. I'm far more afraid of the idea of front wheel seizing than engine seizing.

Re: Seize up an engine

meh i just fish tailed for a couple of seconds till the clutch let go and i slowed down quickly. nothing bad worse was when i was going 35 nothing really happened

Re: Seize up an engine

When i soft seized i was going about 30 and it felt like someone grabbed the brakes hard, like i had disc brakes, instead of drum, and the it smoothed out and i rolled to a stop.

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