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Hey everyone, im almost 16 and ive got a 1991 (J) Honda MT5, its my first bike and obviously people laugh at the looks of it.

At the moment as well as being a not great looking bike its also quite slow, so im Looking for some way to make it hit 40-55MPH It does around 33 Atm. it would be awesome to of some of those idiot's that are like "haha your mopeds Old" to get blown away by me.

Also i cant put Big Bore kits on it, because if i get pulled over i get a big fine and the bike taken off me.

So as far as tuning goes, Could you help me

Not sure about my current budget it should be around

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thow a kit on it!!

Re: Mt50 Tuning

cant its illegal :p if i get pulled over which we alway do in england ill get it taken off me

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Re: Mt50 Tuning

So u want to go faster, but don`t wanna get cought?

Hmm.. putting a 70cc on it is by far the esyest option. In Belgium they sold faster 50cc cilinders on the Honda`s. It`s still original Honda, but a bit faster. Maybe something to look for?

Also they had a 16mm keihin carb on the MT5`s. Very nice carbs, so see if you can get one of these.

About tuning: An original honda cilinder has litle tranfer ports. You can raise and widen the exhaust port, but the transfers are the botleneck. U will go faster,, but not by much.

Maybe the best option is a 50cc kit. Not too fast, but fast inough if u want to. I had that on my Honda too, drove very nice. It wasn`t mindblowing fast but it rached something like 75/80 km/u.

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