varplus on a stockish moby

so, i put a varplus on... it's a


new 50cc cyl

matched case

15 del 58 jet

opening the variator was truely the nightmare that everyone says it is, unless you get the right stuff, don't mess with propane, get MAPP! get a big ass wrench, drill some screws into your bench to lock it down... next time i'm going to find my chain wrench, i think that'll help...

anyway, don't mess with the allen screws that come with the varplus, i gave them a shot but, not worth it, just reuse the original if you can.

i tried using a hammer style impact driver, that wasn't working but, the screws came out like butter with an 18v dewalt impact driver.

the varplus installed like a dream, slid right on, all the weights looked good, not rough.

here's the issue, i searched but, didn't really see an answer.

with this setup, the variator wont open fully even with the heaviest weights.

i would guess my current top end is about 28mph... gotta give it a better test tomorrow and see how she real preforms.

wondering if there are options to increase the roller weight.

also, should i try some teflon lube on the rollers possibly?


varplus on a stockish moby

Chain wrench is a great tool for variator play time

I have never used heat to take one apart

To increase weight, take some metal rod and press it into the weights with holes, or upgrade your engine to increase rpm/power. A ported fast cylinder should be able to open the varplus all the way with 6 heavy weights. Porting FTW

Re: varplus on a stockish moby

Jason -

Yeah man, you DEFINITELY want to grease/lube the variator weights and the ramp plate. That'll help. But also, I would try seeing if the rollers all fit in the grooves out to the max potential. Some folks find that sanding them lightly on the edges to make them fit better is a great help in getting it to fully variate.

Still, even with your stock setup, it should be opening fully. There's more than enough power in the stock cylinder to get it all the way there in terms of RPMs.

Re: varplus on a stockish moby

jay we're running nearly identical setups. new 50cc, case matched and ported, g3, sha 14.12. i just got my varplus on yesterday and got some trial runs in before dark... on the lightest sets of weights i had no trouble getting the variator to open all the way.

with the varplus you really have to make sure every link in the chain is perfect... alignment, rollers, lubricant, i even forgot to mention the guide pegs... last night mine were not only too long (they scraped the belt), but too fat and weren't letting the variator move freely. Any of these things could be holding your variator back.

im real excited to get this all broken in and really tear into it. the varplus did huge things for my low end and throws you into the powerband of the pipe much quicker. i didnt have any issues yet i hope it stays that way... i used the teflon lube i mentioned and it worked great.

Re: varplus on a stockish moby


going out to get some lube, everything else looks good, rollers slide well, and fully open the plate. i think the only real difference between us, steve is the g3, this moby has an old stock pipe on it. i'll go mess with it and post some results.

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