two things.

1) will a twenty tooth fit on an E50? i own a dremmel.

2) where's a guy gotta go to find sprockets for snowflake mags?

Re: sprockets

1)maybe, ive been wondering this too

2) 77 used to have them. but if you have a 45 check around for people with mk2's they have 40s on them. if youre looking for smaller than that good luck

Re: sprockets

20's will fit on an e50. As long as it's not a korado bottom end (if you currently have an 18 on there it's not a korado case). You need to grind into the magneto area of the case not for sprocket clearance but for the chain.

What are you running that will be able to pull a 20 front?

Re: sprockets

20s def fit but your gonna need to use that dremal.

yea 20 is big 70cc or up is all i can think of but have fun going up any hill at all bluuurrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbb blluuuuuuuuurrrrrrbbbbbb.

Re: sprockets

i live in savannah ga, no hills at all. theres a few that you go down the hills but then when you go up them, they're just flat.

i'm running a e-50/dmp 70/ 19.5 phbg/homemade intake/leovince. i got low end to spare. it's hot shit off the line. funny too cuz all i got in there is my magic 2 shoo. i lightened it and weighed the shoes on a scale with hundreths. then i put a lot of time into making sure the spring tension was exact. dunno why, but it rules. i haven't done any matching of case or port yet, i'm thinking i'll get a crank before i start hitting _really_ high rpms. but it rippps.

i still got a wierd problem you can read about in a post called "moped narcolepsy"

thanks a bunch dudes. i do know a guy with some snoflakes off za 50s.

hey pat...u there?

Re: sprockets

Get those snow flakes off the bike. If you switch to spokes you can run rears down to 36 tooth, or lower.

Re: sprockets

i know...but i love them.

i'm only a few tools away from making my own sprockets. then i'll be cool and snowflakes will reign supreme!!!

Re: sprockets

Conrad Conrad /

In the 98mm sprocket, Treats mentions drilling new holes for snowflakes. The smallest size available is 42t though.

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