what reeds are better the 2 stage or the carbon .3 mm or .4mm? i have a pipe, athena 70cc ported and the 2 stage reeds now

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what reeds are better

The best reeds are the thinist, with the greatest surface area, performance wise. For an "everyday driver", you are best to go with the thicker reeds, the greatest amount of surface area being better in all cases. Not all reed cages are created equal, so personal inspection of the different stuff available to you is the way to go, if possible.

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thinner reeds will flutter and be worthless at high rpm's. you want to pick your reed thickness for the application you need from them. Thick reeds are good for high rpm's and poor at low rpm's, opposite for thin reeds.

Two stage reeds are the best of both worlds.

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What size is considered thin? thick?

Approx what RPM will the thin reeds flutter?

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