clutch weight wonderin'

I've heard of people lightening their clutch shoes. But one thing that made me think is if the clutch shoes are lighter they would engage at a lower rpm. So I was thinking would it be better to have a heavyer clutch shoe? more weight needs more rpms to engage and wouldnt it be more of an increase to have a heavyer shoe against a lighter shoe?

Re: clutch weight wonderin'

The clutch shoes reside within your clutch drum. It's the centrifugal force, created by your crankshaft spinning that forces them out, causing them to engage the clutch drum. To slow down engagement, you have either (or both) of two choices: increase the return spring tension, or lighten the shoes (the centrifugal force is less on a lighter mass (object).

centrifugal force:

Re: clutch weight wonderin'

A lighter shoe has less force swinging it outwards, so it engages later.

Try it with a piece of string swing it around with 1 paperclip (or something) on it and then add another 2 or 3, feel the difference on how the string pulls on your hand.

Re: clutch weight wonderin'

it also matters where the weight is in relation to the pin on which the shoe turns. lighten them...but leave them long.

Re: clutch weight wonderin'

cut em up!!!!

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