bending v1 zen pipe, more clearance?

So I've done a few searches ... everything seems like i'd be ok to bend a pipe without changing performance. Somehow this just doesnt seem right to me, theyre a specific bend/shape for a reason... i guess?

so i need some clearance on my zen pipe...

"treats zen":

you think i could get a more drastic bend out of it? maybe pull the pipe up or increase the angel of the bend to be way closer to the engine? i donno.. how does bending the pipe affect it?

she's perfect for what im running... great mid, little extra bottom, little extra top. god this thing rips on a polini and pulls sooo soooooo nicely on a torquey stock.

Re: bending v1 zen pipe, more clearance?


I am going to assume you are talking about the first bend (out of the engine into a 90 degree bend to the rear). ALL pipes are a compromise of one sort, or another, be it to fit in a specific spot, or deal with a situation that can't be changed. When you increase the bend you are adding resistance to gas/air flow, slowing it down, in effect making the front pipe (pre-expansion chamber) act/behave like a longer pipe (a little better on the bottom end, a little worse on the top). How much you will be affected depends on how much you alter the existing bend, and if you increase that bend will you be adding a second bend to compensate?

Small "adjustments" are fine, but big adjustments, require a bit of a re-think.

Re: bending v1 zen pipe, more clearance?

hm... thats what i need to hear and you assumed correctly on the first bend. As i am gearing this out to be a torque monster i kinda really want to increase that bend now... i dont need top.

i think i'm going to experiment with my stock pipe ... maybe my bullet. Probably make a jig/pattern to remember where the bends were originally...


i could probably add a second bend to compensate... i imagine it would be the inverse of the original modified bend? feels like a second bend would slow air down more ...

i could also maybe possibly wrap the header of the pipe... more heat/faster... but then i don't know if that would be too much heat.

i'll experiment

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